Printables This is where I release any 3d models I make.

Twitter My primary social networking platform, this is the best way to get a quick response if you want to contact me.

Mastodon Maybe where I’m moving if something happens to twitter. Some things get posted here that I don’t post other places.

Blueky Who knows how useful this will be but I’m on bluesky too.

Github I mostly just fork software when I get pissed off, but I’m going through my backlog of projects and will hopefully get more useful stuff posted here. No heavy development, just Arduino and ESPhome stuff. Maybe some OpenScad files.

Tindie Store I sell odds and ends, kits, and extra PCBs left over from my projects on here for now. If you want to reproduce one of my projects, check here first!

Red Bubble Store Stickers I’ve designed, available for sale at the lowest price they would let me set. Temporary measure until I get around to setting up tindie or etsy or something. Redbubble stickers aren’t great but they aren’t terrible either.