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  • Notes on Running EZMaster on Unraid

    This is just going to be a quick guide on getting EnGenius EZMaster running on unraid. This should also work for KVM or Proxmox or whatever. The first step is to get the OVA file from EnGenius. This isn’t hard, you just need an email adress and a fake name. https://www.engeniustech.com/download-ezmaster-oracle-virtual-box.htmlThey emailed me a link […]

  • Setting up WordPress on Unraid

    Since no one wants to fuck with manually configuring docker containers, here’s my quick guide to installing WordPress on Unraid with docker-compose: Install community applications. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/38582-plug-in-community-applications/ From the “Apps” menu, install “Docker Compose Manager” Under the “Docker” tab, click the “Add New Stack” button Name it something like “wordpress” Click the gear on your new […]