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  • Copper Zaku II F2

    Copper Zaku II F2

    8×12, Etched copper-clad fiberglass. Backgroud was dyed black and copper was given a light patina with liver of sulfur. Sold at Otakon 2022 for $70.

  • Swordfish


    7×5 Copper Clad Fiberglass with tin solder applied. Sold at Otakon 2022 for $35 This is a unique failed dye lot that turned out aesthetically pleasing.

  • Gameboys on Copper

    Gameboys on Copper
  • Toner Transfer PCBs

    Toner Transfer PCBs

    There is lots of conflicting information on the internet about toner transfer etching so I thought I’d take some time to put even more conflicting information out there. The subject of this post isn’t really a PCB but it uses the same methods and tools. This is a tricky and fiddly process but it’s very…