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  • Magic LCD 8 Ball for Tech Support

    Magic LCD 8 Ball for Tech Support

    This is going to be a quick write-up because I don’t expect anyone to do this the exact same way I did. The 8-Ball was meant to be a quick shitpost project to prove to myself that I can still do projects just for fun and not try to constantly monetize my hobby. All of…

  • A Tale of 2 Chillers

    A Tale of 2 Chillers

    Sometimes, keeping your laser cool will cost you more than the laser itself. For the uninitiated, the K40 is a laser cutter that can be purchased for less than $400US. That is a really good value for a proper 30w C02 cutting laser. At that price, you’ll get a fully enclosed(though still dangerous) laser cutter,…

  • Swordfish on Plywood

    Swordfish on Plywood

    9×14 Laser etched plywood with highlights in acrylic paint. Sold at Otakon2022 for $25

  • Copper Zaku II F2

    Copper Zaku II F2

    8×12, Etched copper-clad fiberglass. Backgroud was dyed black and copper was given a light patina with liver of sulfur. Sold at Otakon 2022 for $70.

  • Swordfish


    7×5 Copper Clad Fiberglass with tin solder applied. Sold at Otakon 2022 for $35 This is a unique failed dye lot that turned out aesthetically pleasing.

  • Gameboys on Copper

    Gameboys on Copper
  • Notes on Running EZMaster on Unraid

    This is just going to be a quick guide on getting EnGenius EZMaster running on unraid. This should also work for KVM or Proxmox or whatever. The first step is to get the OVA file from EnGenius. This isn’t hard, you just need an email adress and a fake name. emailed me a link…

  • More Laser=More Printer

    More Laser=More Printer

    So on my previous posts about PCB making and toner transfer, I mentioned that some printers simply do not work well with this method. My Laserjet P2015 is one of those printers. It’s been a workhorse for over a decade but it simply won’t dump enough toner onto the page no matter what the settings…

  • Toner Transfer PCBs

    Toner Transfer PCBs

    There is lots of conflicting information on the internet about toner transfer etching so I thought I’d take some time to put even more conflicting information out there. The subject of this post isn’t really a PCB but it uses the same methods and tools. This is a tricky and fiddly process but it’s very…

  • Dyeing PCBs At Home

    Dyeing PCBs At Home

    I have tried every possible tutorial I could find for dyeing home-made circuit boards and I’ve finally got a technique that I’m satisfied with. My standards were fairly high, I wanted to get a uniform color that isn’t too blotchy, and I wanted to be able to selectively dye areas of the board. There are…